The Wall


The Wall stretches along the northern border of the Seven Kingdoms as protection from the wild lands that are beyond the border. It is 700 feet high, 300 miles long and made of ice. It is defended by the Sworn Brothers of the Night’s Watch.

The wall has a long history, dating back 8000 years. It was created by Brandon the Builder and is now protected by the Night’s Watch. There were 19 fortresses built along The Wall but only three are currently manned as per the books.

Made of stone and solid ice, The Wall appears either blue or grey depending on the time of day. It is wider at the bottom than at the top. It is wide enough at the top for perhaps 12 riders to ride abreast.


There are only a few tunnels that allow access through the wall, with each tunnel protected by heavy bars and chains. If a fortress has been abandoned, these tunnels are generally filled with stone or ice so as to not allow access to attackers and enemies.

There are a number of different defences along The WallThe Night’s Watch ensures that there is a wide enough gap between The Wall and the forest to ensure no attackers can creep up to the wall unannounced. There are also a number of catapults and cranes along the walls to help with attacks. It is also said that The Wall is protected by spells and other sorcery.

There are nineteen castles built along the 300 miles of wall but they have never all been manned at once. During a Game of Thrones, only three of the castles remain in use.



Active Castles of The Wall:

Castle Black – Castle Black is manned by nearly 600 brothers and is located at the Northern end of Kingsroad. It is the largest garrisoned castle.


Shadow Tower – Shadow Tower is located at the western end of The Wall – it is the most western outpost – and it houses 200 members of the Night’s Watch.


Eastwatch – Eastwatch is the smallest of the manned castles and is a port town for the Night’s Watch.


When Jon Snow became the 998th Lord Commander, more of the castles along The Wall were manned. These included – Greyguard, Stonedoor, Icemark, Nightfort, Deep Lake, Queensgate, Oakenshield, Sable Hall, Long Barrow and Greenguard.


The Wall is a great natural defence. It allows defenders to hold off attackers even if they are much smaller in number. Because of its height, defenders along The Wall are generally out of range of archers and catapult but defenders can use these tools quite effectively themselves.


Another common choice for defenders is the use of stones frozen in ice. These can easily stop a mass charge. It is possible for small teams of determined attackers to reach the top through climbing but only if they avoid the detection of the Night’s Watch. If seen they can easily be dispersed. Attackers are often also felled by sheets of ice displacing from the wall.