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  • Quotes From Game of Thrones Best Moments

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    Now that Game of Thrones Season seven has ended, it's time to quietly reflect on, well, everything. Granted, it's hard to pick out the best GoT quotes from more than 60 episodes so far, but we're going to give it a damn good try. The best Game of Thrones Quotes are in descending order. So feel free to let us know what you would change, or have as your number one quote in the comments below.

    Spoilers are coming, so this is your warning.


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  • The Wall


    The Wall stretches along the northern border of the Seven Kingdoms as protection from the wild lands that are beyond the border. It is 700 feet high, 300 miles long and made of ice. It is defended by the Sworn Brothers of the Night’s Watch.

    The wall has a long history, dating back 8000 years. It was created by Brandon the Builder and is now protected by the Night’s Watch. There were 19 fortresses built along The Wall but only three are currently manned as per the books.

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  • Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 1 – Winter Is Coming


    The title of the first ever episode for the television series Game of Thrones immediately sets you on edge.  It almost sounds like a warning, and indeed it is……. Winter IS Coming!  Opening with three men we will later learn belong to the Brotherhood of the Night’s Watch and the defenders of The Wall, we follow them into the desolate snow covered lands that lie to the north of The Wall.

    They come across what appears to be a massacre, until the dead seem to rise and two of the guardsmen are slaughtered while the other flees south.  Poised on the edge of my seat I couldn’t wait to see what else this episode was to have in store.

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  • Bits of Game of Thrones


    In 2017 more than 40 million people watched each episode of Game of Thrones eager to find out which intricate plots would unfold on screen. But did you know some of the most interesting storylines actually take place behind the scenes.In this blog I plan to take a closer spoiler filled look at the untold truth of Game of Thrones. Author George RR Martin has long been reluctant to adapt his novel series, A Song of Ice and Fire, because he didn't want the on-screen version to tarnish the brilliance of his books. So, when David Benioff and DB Weiss approached him for HBO, Martin agreed on one condition - they had to answer one question. Is there a way to get out of the dungeon without using the wizard key? F**k?! The hell are you talking about?!

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